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 Hi there! I'm Franta. 

What’s Deep Innovation’s reason of being?

To help people think and innovate with a machine learning mindset — from thoughts, across concepts, to implementations and prototypes; And to dispel preconceived notions that often prevents us from doing so.


I've been fortunate to be a part of many vibrant innovation efforts; And while working in, with, and alongside startups, I've experienced that the value and potential of deep learning is widely recognised among innovators and investors alike, yet there's still a fog of mystery that often shuts the door to impactful data-driven solutions.


And that’s a shame, we need to unlock the freedom of thought and pave the way towards experimentation starting at a small scale; Now more than ever, as democratization and availability of AI and Deep Learning are improving from day-to-day.

What's your background?

I’ve studied architecture and design at CTU in Prague. After a while I’ve decided to change my major and went on to pursue information technology, gaining my degree in Information Systems and consequently Cognitive Informatics at VSE in Prague. I have spent a part of my master’s studies abroad at Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea. There I’ve been further exploring the information technology and human brain functioning intersection, taking on courses of UX design, Psychology and Digital Media Technology. After completing my degree in Cognitive Informatics with a secondary specialization in Commercial Communication, I‘ve moved to the UK where I’ve earned my second advanced degree in Entrepreneurship at Falmouth University.


I've worked as a Business Intelligence Engineer at Hogg Robinson Group and on a number of product design and commercial communication projects with companies such as Loreal, Inbody or Philips.


Subsequently, I've worked at Falmouth Launchpad, a startup incubator and accelerator, where I’ve co-founded a business and led a small team as a Chief Product Officer, wearing many hats as the nature of a startup life dictates. I’ve taken on responsibilities within business development and strategy, primary and secondary research, hiring, product design, art direction and branding, product development management and investor pitching among other. Successfully securing pre-seed investment and concluding MVP development in the midst of the pandemic.

What do you like to do while away from the whiteboard and done calculating tensor shapes?

I love to travel and learn about new things… people, places, and interesting problems. I also like to keep in shape a bit and go running or climbing. When having only a few moments, I often pick up a guitar and teach myself something new. That’s an amazing way to relax.

Work With Me
I consult dynamic businesses and design teams on their innovation journeys while helping them to up-skill and integrate machine learning frame of mind into their design processes.
Product and Data Product Strategy
Design Process
Product Design
Communication and Branding
ML Model Prototypes
Design Workshops